? guide

1. What is defined as a gang?

2. What are some of the various types of gangs that exist? Hint: prison gangs, etc…

3. What are some general (common) characteristics of most gangs?

4. Which ones have originated (come from) from countries besides the United States?

5. Which ones are among the most dangerous? Why?

6. How do gangs recruit members?

7 . What are some initiation rituals (traditions) conducted by gangs?

8.  Gangs are generally associated with crime and violence.

a.) Explain the types of criminal activity that gangs are most commonly involved with.

b.) What methods do gangs or gang members use to generate (make) money?

c.) What are some specific criminal events that have occurred in your community that are known to be associated with gang activity?  How did your community handle it?

9. What is meant by gang prevention? Explain and give examples.

10. What is gang intervention? Explain and give examples.


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