Four-month-old Andrew Garcia

was shot in the head and killed by gang members only hours after his family had just celebrated his baptism.


There are four very specific tasks that you will be completing in this Web Quest. The first two will be completed on your own. You will then form a team— a gang project team—of three to four persons in order to complete the final two tasks.

First Task: Independent

View a video on consequences of gang violence, and write a reaction. You will be answering some questions that will challenge you to take an honest look at how gang activity has personally affected your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your community—you.

Second Task: Independent

You will use a question guide to conduct research on the Internet to gain important background information about gang culture, history, and its affect on society in order to be able to develop an educated plan for your final task.

Final Task:Teams

You will form a team of three to four persons in order to conduct research on gang prevention and intervention programs in other cities and also within your own. Next, who understands what young adults need more than young adults themselves? You are the experts. With your team of three to four persons, you will combine your knowledge and expertise in order to develop an effective gang prevention and intervention program model for your own community.


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